Letting Go of My Shame

I finally came into Al‑Anon after my second divorce was finalized. I had lost myself in trying to be who I thought my husband wanted me to be, and I was not sure what was wrong with me. Someone suggested that I try Al‑Anon because it might help me learn how to find myself, take …

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Baby-Stepping toward Recovery

When I came to Al‑Anon several months ago, I had no idea of the serenity I would start to enjoy in time. During my first few weeks of attending meetings, I was exhausted, frazzled, and fearful, but I heard the message “Keep Coming Back.” I am mortified by having to speak in a group setting, …

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Only What Is Mine To Do

Before I came to Al‑Anon, I felt that it was my job to make sure I kept my household running on an even keel. What an enormous job that was, especially living with an active alcoholic. I was on constant lookout for bottles and excuses, and I was ready to blame everyone else for how …

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