I Finally Decided To Get Off The Roller Coaster

My husband’s and my everyday experiences together typically involved resentments, blame, arguments, and misunderstandings. The roller coaster ride went in a circle, and it seemed we could never get off. However, once I started attending Al-Anon, I started learning to keep the focus on me instead of constantly obsessing about others. I learned to hold …

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The Only One I Could Change

Before Al-Anon I was so sure I could fix both my marriage and my husband. I tried self-help books, couples counseling, and women’s shelters. I thought about Al-Anon, but I denied that alcoholism was the whole problem. I was ashamed of our marriage, but we put on an act for family and made it look …

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No Longer Fearful

When I got to Al-Anon, I was fearful of my alcoholic husband – afraid of his rages, of things he might say to me, of riding in the car with him, and of the possibility he might leave me. I felt hopeless and trapped. I received the gift of hope at my first Al-Anon meeting. …

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